A tandem jump allows you to experience the excitement of the exit from the airplane, the feeling of freedom in freefall and the pleasure of flying under the canopy with a certified Tandem Instructor.
In this kind of jump it’s used a tandem equipment designed and manufactured for two people.

Since this jump is the first step of the skydiving course, you need to attend an about 45 minutes theoretical and practical training, during which you will learn what to do at every stage of the jump.

The jump is carried out from the altitude of 14,000 feet (we are the School that climbs higher, therefore more time for the excitement), the freefall lasts approximately one minute, and the flight with the open canopy takes about 5-7 minutes.

Both freefall and open canopy flight will be exciting, with the beautiful view that only here you can admire: unforgettable views of the city of Lucca walls, the sea, the Apuan Alps, the mountains of the Apennines, the Versilia, Pisa, Livorno and in winter you can see Corsica Island!

At your request we can make the HD shooting video and/or photos which, delivered shortly after landing, may help for a more effective debriefing.

Participating in a tandem jump does not require any medical certification, but it’s necessary to be in good health; in case of doubts please contact your doctor.

Everyone needs to present with an identity document, wearing comfortable and tight clothes, suitable for the season, and sneakers.

It is very important that you are not affected by colds (especially not having “muffled”  ears and/or clogged air sinuses), and did not perform scuba diving in the 48 hours prior to jump.

Remember not to drink alcohol within 8 hours prior to jump  and of course not to take drugs.

Lucca Skydiving School, as required by the tandem equipment’s manufacturer, asks that you are an adult of legal age (more than 18 years old).

Trust us! We offer reliability of a school that works since 1999.

Membership fee € 50. Tandem course and jump rates from € 170

If you will arrive at Tassignano railway station, call us by phone 15 minutes before arriving +39 349 5145377 (during weekend also +39 0583 933666) and we will pick you.


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Tandem instructors of Skydive Lucca have a primary aim: ensure Student’s safety and satisfaction.

To obtain maximum safety, each Tandem Instructors perform standard TTP’s (technics, tactics and procedures) with extreme care. Our Instructors checks continuously his own physical fitness and equipment, by series of parameters, meteorological conditions, systems and parts of equipment and they decide to perform a tandem jump only if all checks are good.

If something is not as expected or if there is only one doubt, procedure will be stopped and even if you are in airplane, jump will not performed and all procedures will be done in order to have a safety landing.

During free fall  (very exciting experience!!!!!) and when canopy is fully inflated, Tandem Instructor checks parameters, parts of equipment, conditions in order to be able to solve any anomaly or accident with the aim to perform a safe and exciting jump.

This process takes place every tandem jump and for every student. Every Lucca’s skydiving Tandem Instructor have “ Tandem Instructor” rating as required by the Italian law and Tandem Instructor rating by equipment builder, Strong Enterprise of Orlando – Florida (www.strongparachutes.com)

There are a lot of reasons:

  • live a new experience;
  • excitement of the exit from airplane, to understand what “flying in free fall” means and to feel himself hanging in the air without falling sensation, as you were floating on an air pillow;
  • Flying under a fully inflated canopy, with emotion of will be able to drive canopy;
  • feeling great sensation;
  • having a unforgettable day .

Tandem jump is a great and safely experience for decide to take part a Sport Skydiving Course.

During  tandem jump  Students doesn’t feel the Instructor’s presence and he can live all sensations like a “solo jump”, but to be sure that Instructor is with and close him.

Tandem Instructors does a briefing will be long about 30 minutes. During  it, Tandem Instructors explains you TTP’s (technics, tactics and procedures) about the jump; they shows  jump’s equipment (very interesting),  explain  sensations that you will feel during jump. Tandem Instructors shows you many funny tandem jump videos, in order to explain exit position, free fall position and landing position (very easy and funny don’t worry); they answers ALL YOUR QUESTIONS!!

As required from the equipment builder, the Instructor will teach Students how and when the main canopy will be inflated.

Tandem Instructors will give you jumpsuit, glasses, altimeter and  main opening handle: you have to come with your shoes (like running shoes is the best).

Performing a complete Brief it will be warranty of your safety and satisfaction!!!..and, why not, to continue your skydiving path.

It depends of many factors such as the elevation and  weight. Highest is the jump altitude longer is  free fall time.

Lucca Skydive performs tandem jumps  at 4300 meters (14,000 feet) of altitude. The Instructor deploys  main canopy at 1500 meters.

You will fly freefall for about 1 minute: after you will fly with inflated canopy about 5-6 minutes before landing. After opening main canopy, Students will be in charge, performing excitings turns, and changing canopy descent (under Instructor supervising).

There is not a better season or period of the year; each season has its own characteristics. In Tuscany meteorological conditions for skydiving are fine during all year.

In summer ground temperature is pleasant, but there is a big difference between ground temperature and exit altitude temperature. In winter difference is lower.

In summer there is a view worse than in winter.

Sometimes during winter, you are able looking for Alps covered with snow,  Corse island and very frequently Tuscany archipelago;  Liguria’s coast and Tuscany coast till Argentario. Sometimes also Gran Sasso mountain covered with snow.

From Lucca sky in good weather conditions, you are able seeing half Italy!!

In spring and in autumn there are more favourable temperature conditions with view characteristics usually good. Each season has something good and each season has a good reason for flying: you have to want do it.

Usually Students who try for the first time a tandem jump thinks the jump is shorter than the reality. Tandem Students usually after the jump thinks that freefall time has lasted only few seconds. So, it is important use maximum altitude available in order to permit you to live all sensations.

Doing a tandem from 3500 meters instead of 4300 meters means to have a free fall lower than 16-20 seconds!!!

Here is why having a higher jump altitude is nice and better.

Having a video/photos of free fall helps to remember sensations lived and also is a precious remember.

A camera flyers will record your free fall flying with you: he will be on the ground also to record your landing moment.

For tandem jump you don’t need any physical certificate, you have to be in good health: if you have doubt, please ask to your Doctor.

You have to asking for your physician if you can jump. Instructors can’t value passenger disease or pharmacological therapy: they aren’t Doctors.

When in doubt, don’t jump and came back when you have solved it. For tandem jump is required to be in good health.

It is important don’t have cold, don’t have medical treatment on and do not made diving 48 hours before the jump.

Don’t drink alcohol 8 hours before the jump and, naturally, don’t assume drugs.

When we have a group of friends, after collective training in classroom, we try to put all them in same load.

Exit takes place about 10 seconds from the other. Aircraft can carry maximum three tandems with video, or four tandems without video.

Yes, it is. If you want, you can have a film or photos (or both) of the jump: a camera flyer exits the aircraft with you and he flies close you during the whole free fall!!!! Video will shows your practical briefing, gearing harness, ground training , take-off,  free fall and last seconds flying under a canopy with landing.

And… of course  first sensations about  jump just on the ground!

Freefall video is taken by expert School’s skydivers who are specialized in that practice.

For safety reasons it is not possible to have freefall in group of tandem.

However, it is possible that three tandems (Instructor, Student and camera flyer) are in the same load and they will exit 10-15 seconds from each other.

For all this reasons each tandem must have his own camera flyer.

Tandem equipment is designed and builted to be used by two people. It is not possible to use a canopy designed for one person to do tandems; it would be also dangerous.

Tandem equipment is different from individual canopy: it needs inspection and maintenance each 25 jumps!

It’s hard to tell. Sometimes you can reserve the day before (or the same day) and sometimes you need some weeks. It depends from period of the year and on reservations. The better way to reserve or just for informations is by phone or by email tandem@paracadutismolucca.it
Lucca Skydive will provide students  jumpsuit,  helmet,  glasses and  gloves.

Students can wear comfortable clothes such as a tracksuit or “soft” trousers (we advise against jeans and we suggest trousers fuseau type), sweatshirt or shorts,  t-shirt for summer, gym shoes and your ID card.

It is important don’t have cold, don’t have medical treatment on and do not made diving 48 hours before the jump.

Don’t drink alcohol 8 hours before the jump and, naturally, don’t assume drugs.

Lucca Skydiving School demands legal age.

Reserving a tandem jump, usually you don’t have  pay a down payment: a down payment can be required if you reserve for a large group of people.

If you want cancel your reservation, we ask to advise us 48 hours before booked lesson, by phone +39.349.5145377.

If unexpected or unpredictable events prevent your (of others of your group reservation) come to us, we invite you to advise us ASAP by phone +39.349.5145377.

Have a reservation means have a priority  respect to passengers who don’t have it.

If you reserve you are considered in the jump activity, you have priority for tandem course in classroom and for jumping.

If you come to airport without reservation, maybe you can do the jump,  but you will go after the reserved students.

Yes, it is. It is recommended reserving due to otherwise we don’t garanted to jump. You can come to us without reservation and if it’s possible for you will do jump, we will be happy to give you opportunity to jump with us!
Reserved people must respect time reservation and the number of people reserved: with reservation you must come to us with all weather conditions , and without time limitation; you could be ready to wait until the time closure (due to stand by meteo).

Cancellation or changement of reservation must be comunicated at least 48 hours before the reserved time, by phone +39.349.5145377.

If unexpected or unpredictable events prevent your come to us,  we invite you to advise us as soon as possible by phone +39.349.5145377.

You can reserve a tandem jump by phone +39.349.5145377 or email tandem@paracadutismolucca.it . During weekend you can also call us by phone +39.0583.933666. For reservation you need: students name and surname,  telephone number and the “type” of jump (tandem, tandem with video or photos, tandem with video and photos). If you are up 100 kilos let us your weight (don’t worry, maybe it will not be a problem).

We  have  three time for  briefing (8:00 – 10:30 – 12.30).  If we have delay due to bad weather condition, we looking for reservation’s order when we would have safety condition for jumping. Briefing time could change, due to jump activity organization. Skydive Lucca don’t reserve  overbooking; so your reservation will be perfectly manageable.

You must not forget wearing own gym shoes and an indentity document.