A.F.F. Course

The TUNNEL + AFF teaching method is the most modern system of learning in skydiving and also the fastest. In fact, the student first will learn into the tunnel to control his/her body position, that is the stability, the controlled rotations,  the appropriate movements for the opening of the canopy, the altimeter reading, etc.; only then, he/she will start the freefall jumps of the course.

With good weather conditions it is possible to complete the practical phase of the course even in a single weekend.


During the AFF course, every Saturday morning the student will retry on the ground all emergency procedures, to strengthen his/her capacity to intervene in such situations.


Every jump is preceded by an accurate planning, in order to meet all safety criteria and optimize the performance.


The A.F.F. course is structured as follows:
– ground preparatory training phase;
– 20 minutes in the tunnel flight simulator phase (optional), in Turin;
– practical phase, divided into 5 learning levels in free fall from 14,000 ft (or, 7 levels if not carried out the optional phase into the tunnel).


The jumps will be made:
– with two instructors in the first AFF level, if you have chosen the progression with the flight simulator (or, in the first three levels without the use of the tunnel);
– with one AFF instructor in the following four levels.


The instructors, in addition to the ground training, will provide corrections directly during the flight, through hand signals, with the easy to guess advantages of real time learning.

After the jump, the instructor and the student will evaluate together the different phases of it, identifying the positive aspects and those to be improved, and practicing on the ground the appropriate exercises.


The student, during the AFF course, will be assisted by radio in canopy piloting; the instructor can therefore correct his/her maneuvers if necessary.


The equipments of our School are up-to-date and everyone is equipped with automatic opening device of reserve canopy.
See you there!

Info:  aff@paracadutismolucca.it


Difference is that in TAFF (Tandem Accelerated Free Fall Course) student fly for 20 mins into  Tunnel flight simulator before jump from aircraft. TAFF have 5 skills levels in freefall; AFF have 7 skills levels.
A.F.F. (Accelerated Free Fall course) is organized in:

  • Training on the ground usually on fridays and it lasts about 12 hours;
  • 20 minutes of tunnel time (free fall simulator) optional;
  • 5 jump levels (7 jump levels if you NOT did Tunnel option) with video in freefall from about 4000-4300 meters of altitude;
  • each level must reach determined skills;
  • during free fall, instructors indicate to the student corrections using conventional hand signals;
  • an instructor assist student during under canopy flight by radio.
Student must reach some skills each jump. For this reason, there is a briefing on the ground before jump when instructor explains jump skills, shows it and prepare student performance. After jump, there will be a debriefing and instructor will analyse each moment of jump and explains and indicates possible corrections.
Each level is passed only if student obtains and reaches all the given jump’s skills, otherwise he must repeat the level (jump). If student must repeat some jump he must pay for additional AFF jumps.
Student is prepared to fly canopy independently and he is prepared to manage each event. Anyway during aff jumps he/she is aided by radio from an instructor.
Yes, he can. A.F.F. or T.A.F.F. qualifies student to jump alone in free fall.
Yes, he does. He learns to package the principal canopy.
A.F.F. or T.A.F.F. students use canopies with particular characteristics for beginner (speed, size and fly characteristics adequate to students activity).
We have seen that student who did a tandem jump before starting course has a better result in his first course jump, because he already knows what being in free fall and flying under a canopy mean. Tandem price is not included into AFF or TAFF course price.
Video recorded helps to understand what happened during free fall. Student understands faster and easier the exercises and the possible corrections that the instructor gives him.
No, you are not. Lucca skydiving school offers you the opportunity to rent skydiving equipment.
Yes, you can. A.F.F. course gives you jump qualification with which student can jump in any Italian and foreign skydiving school.
When student finishes A.F.F. course has specific abilities and he is qualified to jump alone in free fall. He can start to reach other abilities under instructor supervision and he will do practical tests according to law to access the license examination. Examination to obtain skydiving license is a theoretical written exam, that takes place in front of a Commission decided by ENAC. If you it, ENAC issues your “Skydiving License” and you become a skydiver.
Civil skydiving is regulated by law given by Transport Minister and as each other aeronautic activity we speak about license (skydiver, aircraft pilot, helicopter pilot, etc.). Skydiving BREVETTO is for military activity regulated by Defence Minister.
Student needs a psyco-physical idoneity certificate issued by a Sport’s Doctor. Certificate is valid for 2 years if you are younger than fifty and 1 year if you are older than fifty.