About Us


Ours is a sports Association with legal status and we are:
– duly authorized to operate as a Skydiving School by National Civil Aviation Authority;
– affiliated with n. FIPAS29 at Italian Sport Parachuting Federation;
– affiliated with code n.12916 at Sports National Promotion Agency ASC (Sports Activities Confederate);
– registered with n. REA LU211723 to the Economic Administrative at the Chamber of Commerce  of Lucca;
– registered with n. 132771 in the CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee) Register of ASDs with juridical personality;

– VAT N. 01828750461
– registered with n. 257 in the Tuscan Regional Register of juridical persons;

– affiliate to U.I.P. (Unione Italiana Paracadutismo);

  • affiliate to USPA (United States Parachute Association).


Simonetta Bardi

Skydiving School Director, Chief Instructor, AFF and SL Senior Instructor, RW coach, RW4 trainer, tunnel coach, cameraflyer – USPA SL-I, AFF-I, Coach Course Director, Safety & Training Advisor

Alessandro Baldassarri

AFF, Tandem and SL Instructor, RW coach, tunnel coach, cameraflyer

Carlo Berretti

Tandem and SL Senior Instructor, AFF Instructor, RW coach, cameraflyer, Strong Enterprises Tandem Examiner – USPA D24749: SL-I, AFF-I, TAN-I, Coach

Marco Biglia

Jumpmaster, cameraflyer, FF coach

Andrea Bonelli

Jumpmaster, cameraflyer

Paolo Dalla Pozza

Tandem, SL jumpmaster, RW coach, cameraflyer

Riccardo Dell’Usso

Tandem and SL Instructor, RW coach, cameraflyer

Eleonora Fantoni

Chief Manifest

Dany Daniela


Francesco Favaro

Tandem Instructor, jumpmaster, cameraflyer

Stefano Guardiani


Alessandro Lunardi

AFF and Tandem Instructor, jumpmaster, RW coach, cameraflyer

Simone Masut

Jumpmaster, RW coach, cameraflyer

Bruno Nicoli

Jumpmaster, Freefly coach, cameraflyer

Mirco Pellegrini


Bruno Sasso

Jumpmaster, cameraflyer, packer

Rodolfo Scarpellini

Jumpmaster, cameraflyer

 Claudio Vitale

Jumpmaster, cameraflyer

Stefano Volpi

Tandem Instructor, jumpmaster, RW coach, cameraflyer

Sonia Vitale

Packer, Accuracy Landing Competitor